Become a JanSan Manufacturing Co. Distributor

Are you ready to become a JanSan Manufacturing Co. distributor?

Please complete all documents in the NEW DISTIBUTOR REGISTRATION PACKET.

Remember, JanSan Manufacturing Co. ONLY sells through Cleaning Supply Distributors. Once we receive all completed documents and approve your company, you can start purchasing from JanSan Manufacturing Co.


Why Become a Distributor?

You already distribute for other suppliers, why should you become a distributor of JanSan Manufacturing Co.? Here are just a few of the reasons:

Low Volume Purchasing: Only $50.00 minimum order.
Great Pricing: We offer great pricing, so you can make your margins!
SpinDuct: We are the manufacturer of the SpinDuct Professional Air Duct Cleaning System. Only distributors of JanSan Manufacturing Co. can sell the SpinDuct!
Online Access: We have 24/7 web access for online purchasing, access to distributor literature, etc.
Drop Shipping: We offer drop shipping directly to your customer's location.
Buy Back Policy: 6 Month Buy-back policy to ensure you can move product.
Private Labeling: We offer a unique and extensive private label program. Have your own brand of Chemicals, Equipment, & Tools. No extra charge! No volume purchasing!

With no stocking requirements, great pricing, small minimum orders, drop shipping, Private Labeling, and access to unique products, why wouldn't you want to become a distributor!

Complete the NEW DISTIBUTOR REGISTRATION PACKET and give your company access to great products and more profits!